Know the origins of narrafve histories know the

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Unformatted text preview: –  Know the words and phrases from the language of the social sciences, including history. –  Know the etymologies of the words "history" and "story," "vow" and "vote.” –  Understand how the word roots explain the disFncFons among histories, chronicles, and annals. –  Know the origins of narraFve histories. Know the stories behind the words featured on Monday's and Wednesday's slide. –  Know the dates and outcomes of the Persian Wars and the Peloponnesian War. –  Understand the basics of Greek economic theories and Roman pracFce. –  NEW ITEM! Understand the concept of a combining form, and know what a combining vowel is. Material from last week (October 18 ­23) •  From Unit 4: Be able to do all the Unit 4 frames. Know the meanings of all the morphemes introduced in Unit 4. Know the words o...
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