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Unformatted text preview: ies of archaeology that are noteworthy in this region: Classical, Underwater, and Near Eastern. The first third of the program is designed to give students a basic knowledge of Greco-Roman history and archaeology in Asia Minor (southwestern Turkey is home to some of the most impressive Greco-Roman sites in the ancient world, e.g. Ephesus, Pergamum). The lectures (many of them on-site) will introduce students to the history, mythology, religion, and art history of the region, as well as to techniques of land excavation. The second segment (with some overlap) will focus on the specific techniques and potential of underwater archaeology, which has notable origins in Bodrum. Nautical sites and subject matter may date to all time periods. The last third will cover the archaeology of indigenous cultures in the region, for the most part focusing on the classical period. In this segment, it is hoped that students will develop an awareness of the neglected and often misunderstood history and archaeology of the indigenous Anatolians, wh...
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