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Unformatted text preview: pproximately Roman PoliFcal Vocabulary rex, regis = king (regal) res publica = public maoer (republic) senex, senis = old man senatus, senatus = senate (senate) consul, consulis = consul imperium, imperii = power, command, empire (imperial, empire) •  imperator, imperatoris = commander, emperor (emperor) •  •  •  •  •  •  7 10/29/13 LaFn derivaFves in legal vocabulary: Public / criminal law LaFn words for “city” urbs, urbis = city •  urban, urbane, urbanize, urbanizaFon civis = ciFzen civitas = ciFzenship, a city civilis = of a ciFzen, civil, civic •  civic, civics, civil, civilian, civility, civilizaFon, civilize, citadel, ciFzen; city < ME, cite < OFr < Lat. civitas < civis, ciFzen •  abduct < ab + ducere / ductus (“to lead”) = to carry off, kidnap •  alias (Lat: “at other Fmes”) •  alibi (Lat: “elsewhere”) •  assaul...
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