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Unformatted text preview: –  Ask us! •  [email protected] •  [email protected] •  [email protected] Detail from the Zeus Altar at Pergamon Material from Unit 5 Review of morphemes (Unit Five): {a / an}, {anF / ant / anth}, {epi /ep / eph}, {syn /sym} {onym} = name or meaning •  anonymous •  antonym / synonym •  eponymous {path} = feeling or emoFon •  sympathy / anFpathy / apathy 5 10/29/13 {ana}, {cata}, {dia}, {peri} •  Cf. {a / an} and {ana} / anesthesia and anabaFc •  catabaFc fever •  {drom} = to run or swim –  anadromous –  catadromous {ec / ex}, {en / em}, {hyper}, {hypo} •  {top} = place –  Cf. entopic and ectopic –  Exodus •  Cf. hyperthermia and hypothermia •  {meter} = measure –  diameter –  perimeter SFll More Review •  {ly} = to break analysis •  {the} = to put synthesis •  {chron / chrono}  ­ Fme Cf. synchronic and diachronic English Words from Greek and LaFn •  Government, PoliFcs, and Law The Greek Polis πόλις = citadel --> city ἀκρόπολις πόλις can also = “body of citizens” πολίτης= ciFzen Aristotle: “Man is a political animal.” police, policy, politic, politics, political, politician, politico, politicize, polity [acropolis, acrobat, acromegaly, acrophobia,...
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