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Unformatted text preview: relevant acFviFes; you don't have to know dates and other details). –  Know the Easily Confused Words, p. 154 ­55. –  Know the LaFn Phrases from p. 155. More Classics! Classics Major •  Consider a classics major or minor…. –  They’re not difficult and gets a lot of respect. –  You can double major Classics Classes •  We teach a full range of LaFn and Greek classes. –  You must begin in the Fall Quarter. –  Greek and LaFn fulfill University language requirements. 4 10/29/13 Winter Classics Classes •  Classics 2 (CLA 002): The Ancient Near East and Early Greece Winter Classics Classes •  Classics 10 (CLA 010): Greek, Roman, and Near Eastern Mythology. Bull ­dancing on Crete Winter Classics Classes •  Classics 172B (CLA 172B): Later Greek Architecure. Rubens: Leda and the Swan Classics Classes •  Find out more: –  Check out classics.ucdavis.edu...
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