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4 the great in africa has always interested

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Unformatted text preview: 6: Words of InteresRng Origin •  recidivist •  From dicRonary.com: •  influenza •  From dicRonary.com: Note that there is an error here; the origin is “cadere,” not “caedere,” and therefore the reference to “concise” is incorrect. Moral: Don’t completely trust the “Word Origin & History” porton of dicRonary.com 4 11/5/13 Unit 6: Words of InteresRng Origin Unit 6: Words of InteresRng Origin •  jingoism •  From dicRonary.com: •  nickname •  From dicRonary.com: Unit 6: Words of InteresRng Origin •  ostracize Unit 6: Easily Confused Words desert dessert innocuous...
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