Know the morphemes and vocabulary items in red from

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Unformatted text preview: basic stories, and English words related to the Greco ­Roman underworld. Morphemes: LaRn Prefixes {circum} :  {con} :  {de} :  {dis/dif} :  {in} :  {ob/of} :  {re} :  {trans} :  {sub/suf/sup} :  around together, with, {intens} down apart in against, toward back, again across under •  From Worksheet 5: -  Be able to correctly use subject and object forms of pronouns in sentences based on secRon I of the worksheet. •  From Unit 6: Know the meaning of California’s moio and understand what’s so funny about Stephen Colbert’s videri non esse. Know the morphemes and vocabulary items in red from the lecture...
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