Moral dont completely trust the word origin history

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Unformatted text preview: im/il/ir} inflammable vs. flammable •  Two idenRcal ­looking but different morphemes with the same allomorphs but different meanings. –  one means “not” is ulRmately related to English “un” as in unclean. –  the other is ulRmately related to the English “in” and means “in” Morphemes: LaRn Prefixes {infra} :  {per} :  {preter} :  {ultra} :  below through beyond, more than beyond Morphemes: LaRn Bases {fer} :  {pose/pone/posit} :  {mur} :  {litera} :  {lumin} :  {ambula} :  {col} :  carry put, place wall leier light walk strain Unit 6: Words of InteresRng Origin Unit...
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