Quiz six prospectus from friday october 25 lecture

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Unformatted text preview:   Do NOT fill in your quiz form this week. •  There will be mulRple quiz forms this week, and you may get A, B, or C! Quiz Six Prospectus •  From Friday, October 25, lecture: –  Understand how to read an entry from the Dic$onary of Word Roots and Combining Forms. –  Know the meanings of the morphemes in red in the lecture about terms from Greek color words. •  From Monday, October 28 lecture –  –  –  –  –  Know the meanings of the morphemes in red. Know what hysteria is. Know the basic story of Oedipus Know who Narcissus was Know the addiRonal allomorphs of Greek morphemes that are presented at the end of Monday’s PowerPoint. 2 11/5/13 Quiz Six Prospectus Quiz Six Prospe...
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