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You have never touched the muses owers shadowy forever

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Unformatted text preview: inoculate ingenious ingenuous 1.  The coach’s _____________ plays delighted the opposiRon and confused our boys. 2.  His simple remarks certainly seemed _________________ to us, but the members of the crowd were nevertheless frightened by them. 3.  In place of the devious official we expected to have to deal with, we were met by a simple, _____________ girl. 4.  The great ___________________ in Africa has always interested me. Unit 6: Easily Confused Words desert dessert innocuous inoculate ingenious ingenuous 5.  A mother bear is not likely to ____________ her cubs when they are this young. 6.  Because of the resemblance of graming a bud onto a tree, the common prevenRve...
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