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Ammable two idenrcallooking but dierent morphemes

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Unformatted text preview: on creaRon stories. From Wednesday’s lecture (November 6): -  Quiz Six Prospectus From lecture of Friday, November 1: -  -  -  -  Know the prefixes, bases, and suffixes presented in Unit 6. -  Know the words on page 190. -  Know the language of origin and the story behind the origins of the "Words of InteresRng Origin" on pages 192 ­93. -  Know the easily confused words on page 193 -  Know the LaRn phrases on page 194. Morphemes: LaRn Prefixes {post} :  {super} :  {extra} :  {intra} :  {intro} :  {retro} :  {non} :  {in/im/il/ir} :  amer, behind above without, outside within into, inward back not not 3 11/5/13 {in/...
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