We live in the phanerozoic after the precambrian

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Unformatted text preview: recambrian is a supereon. (And the ONLY supereon!)    It is divided into    The Hadean Eon (from Greek Hades) (Earth was volcanic and was bombarded by meteors and so it was “hellish”)    The Archaean Eon (from Greek {ἀρχαι(ο)} = {archaeo}, which means old, original)    The Proterozoic Eon < Greek {προτερ(ο)} = {proter(o)} = earlier; {zo} = life: the earlier life age: the phase of earlier life ({prot(o)} = first; {proter(o)} = prior, earlier) ({proter(o)} literally means firster, that is, first of two )    There is no “supereon” after the Precambrian    There is only one eon after the Precambrian: the Phanerozoic    < {phanero} = evident, visible, apparent    + {zo} = animal, life    The Phanerozoic is the eon of evident life.    We live in the Phanerozoic. After the Precambrian Supereon    The...
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