Who owns the earth or the emperor the christian church

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Unformatted text preview: display at Augustodunum (Autun) at the end of the third century, concluding his speech before the provincial governor with this exclamation: “For now, now at last it is a delight to see a picture of the world, since we see nothing in it that is not ours.” Who owns the earth? Or the emperor? The Christian Church or people or pope? 4 11/7/13 Antioch on the Peutinger map Roma Know the etymologies:    geography (< Greek {ge}: earth + {graph} + {y})    cartography (< Greek {chart}: papyrus, paper, page, {graph} {y}) Geological Ages    itinerary (< Latin itinerarium = of a journey < Latin iter, itineris = journey) cf. itinerant    map (mappa mundi: map of the world; 9th c. CE < Latin mappa = napkin) Geologic Ages Geologic Ages    stratigraphy < {strat(i)/strat(o)} = layer + {graph} = write, draw, map    The International Stratigraphic Commission is in charge of naming geological ages.    Visit them at stratigraphy.org! From Life:...
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