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Unformatted text preview: y drew lots to decide who would get what when Cronus was dethroned. –  This is a typical way of determining inheritance. –  We’ve talked about Hades. 4 11/24/13 Zeus’s Family: Poseidon •  Poseidon –  God of earthquakes –  God of the sea. –  He’s scary, his powers seem to take no account of human life. –  He’s o…en portrayed, sublime in his power, riding in his chariot. Ares and Aphrodite a fun story of the gods A story fom Book 8 of Homer’s Odyssey The Characters: Ares •  The Greeks had two war gods. –  Athena, goddess of defensive, strategic war. –  Ares, god of war for war’s sake, violent, brutal war. Zeus’s Family: Hera •  Zeus’ wife –  Like rich men across Eurasia, Zeus has many consorts, most of whom are from lower status families. –  and one “dowered” wife from a family of equal status (namely, his own family! She’s his sister). Hera and Zeus The Characaters: Aphrodite -  In some stories, the daughter of Zeus. -  In some stories, born of the foam around Uranus’ genitals. -  She is the goddess of sexual desire, prosWtutes, and sex for fun. -  She’s the only god who regularly gets the beˆer of Zeus. The Characters: Hephaestus •  Hephaestus is the cra…sman god. •  He was born lame and ugly. •  His own mother, Hera, in disgust threw him from Olympus. “Vulcan Forging Jupiter’s Lightning Bolts” Rubens (1636 ­38). 5 11/24/13 A Story from Homer: Ares and Aphrodite The Characters •  Guess who Hephaestus is married to? •  Aphrodite. •  It’s the set ­up for one of the oldest jokes in the world. “Venus and Vulcan” Bartholomeus Spranger (ca. 1610) Demodokos struck the lyre and began singing well the story about the love of Ares and sweet ­garlanded Aphrodite, how they first lay togethe...
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