Artemis young daughter goddess of the hunt wilderness

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Unformatted text preview: r in the house of Hephaistos secretly; he gave her much and fouled the marriage and bed of the lord Hephaisto (La‰more’s translaWon) AgosWno Carracci “Vulcan Surprises Venus and Mars” Jacopo Tintoreˆo (ca. 1551) A Story from Homer: Ares and Aphrodite A Story from Homer: Ares and Aphrodite to him there came as a messenger Helios, the Sun, who had seen them lying in love together. So Hephaestus sets a trap for the two lovers. “Venus and Mars Captured by Vulcan” Luca Giordano (ca. 1670) “Vulcan’s Forge” Diego Velásquez (1630) A Story from Homer: Ares and Aphrodite So, the next Wme Ares and Aprhodite make love, Hephaistos catches them! And he calls all the gods to witness… ‘Father Zeus and all you other blessed immortal gods, come here, to see a ridiculous sight, no seemly maˆer, how Aphrodite daughter of Zeus forever holds me in liˆle favor, but she loves ruinous Ares because he is handsome, and goes sound on his feet, while I am misshapen from birth, and for this I hold no other responsible but my own father and mother, and I wish they had never got me!’ Poor Hephaestus… A Story from...
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