Moreover it was realized that many other european

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Unformatted text preview: as thought to be earlier than LaEn, it was assumed that LaEn was some sort of degenerate Greek. •  One more thing: Europeans were well aware that the modern Romance languages (Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, and others) had developed from LaEn. Unit 10: The Indo ­Europeans Their Discovery •  By 1800, it was apparent that Greek, LaEn, and Sanskrit had all developed from a common ancestor, just as the Romance languages had developed from LaEn. •  Moreover, it was realized that many other European, Middle ­Eastern, and South Asian languages came from the same source: these include Persian languages, Slavic languages, Germanic languages, and CelEc languages. Unit 10: Some terminology Unit 10: Some Terminology •  Since they did not write, we have liBle idea what the speakers of this ancestral language called themselves (or even if they had a name for themselves as speakers...
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