Specialists in the study of biological phylogeneecs

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Unformatted text preview: arose. •  One approach has been to examine common vocabulary among all the Indo ­European languages. •  It is reasonable to think that, if a word is common to all the Indo ­European languages, it denotes something that the Indo ­Europeans knew. Unit 10: The Indo ­Europeans Unit 10: The Indo ­Europeans Who were they? How did they spread? •  On this basis, some people have thought they arose perhaps in the area of Ukraine maybe 5000 years ago. •  Some people think their mastery of horses gave them an advantage, but it’s all very unclear. Unit 10: The Indo ­Europeans •  They concluded that the homeland of the Proto ­ Indo ­Europeans was most likely in Anatolia. •  Others have argued for an origin in Anatolia (the Asian part of modern Turkey). •  This hypothesis just got a major boost in an arEcle published in Science on August 24, 2012. •  Spets in the study of biological phylogeneEcs applied methods used to construct phylogeneEc trees and...
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