Technically since we speak english we are

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Unformatted text preview: of a common language). •  Nowadays, we call their language family and its speakers Indo ­Europeans (aaer India and Europe, which were thought to be the extreme eastern and western regions of their spread before the modern period). •  We call the earliest people who spoke Indo ­European Proto ­Indo ­Europeans and their language Proto ­Indo ­ European. •  But someEmes they have been called Indo ­Germans. •  And they have even been called Aryans; Hitler gave this term a bad name, however, and it has fallen out of use. 2 12/1/13 Unit 10: Some Terminology Unit 10: The Indo ­Europeans Who were they? How did they spread? •  Technically, since we speak English, we are Indo ­Europeans speaking Indo ­ European. •  However, when we speak loosely, we oaen use the the term Indo ­European to denote the language and speakers of Proto ­Indo ­European. •  There have been many theories of where the Indo ­ European Languages...
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