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Unformatted text preview: for almost 200 years). •  Finally Words from other languages (224 ­52). 1 12/1/13 Unit 10: The Indo ­Europeans IntroducEon •  The first Indo ­Europeans –  spoke a language from which most European and many Near ­Eastern and South Asian languages arose. –  lived 5000 or more years ago. –  lea no wriBen records, so their existence is inferred from studying the languages that descended from theirs. Unit 10: The Indo ­Europeans Their Discovery •  Around 1500, Europeans started traveling regularly to India. •  Soon they noEced similariEes between Indian languages and Greek and LaEn. •  The Indians had their own classical language, Sanskrit, from which many North Indian languages have arisen, and the similariEes between it and Greek and LaEn were striking. Unit 10: The Indo ­Europeans Background to their Discovery •  The two classical languages of Europe are Greek and LaEn. •  People had always noEced that the two languages had striking similariEes. •  Because Greek was more presEgious and w...
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