We get quite a few words from these mythic characters

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Unformatted text preview: said in an email that in seeking rights for nonhuman animals, ‘The classic writ of habeas corpus is as good a place to begin as any.’ Though it has been used only on humans, he said, ‘that need not be decisive if one remembers that the central point of the writ is to impose the restraints of law on those who wield power in the people’s name.’” •  We get quite a few words from these mythic characters and their exploits. Today we look at two heroes (and a heroine. . . . and a god): A chimpanzee inside the New Iberia Research Center at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette (Tim Mueller for the New York Times) • Heracles / Hercules • Theseus 1 12/3/13 Heracles / Hercules Baby Hercules Hera’s glory? Son of Zeus and Alcmene, the mortal woman he seduced / tricked. Hera takes out her anger on Hercules, even on baby Hercules. Hercules wrestling with Death Hercules and Centaur Nessus, who tried to abduct Hercules’ last wife. Frederic Lord Leighton, 1830-1896 Twelve Labors, including. . . . . . cleaning the Augean stables The Nemean Lion [from a third-century mosaic, Morocco] 2 12/3/13 . . . capturing Cerberus . . . and wearied from his labors a herculean task Roman Emperor Commodus as Hercules Theseus (venerated by the Athenians): legendary king of Athens •  As a young man, on his journey to Athens to claim the right to the throne, he met: •  Procrustes (a bad host to travelers, whom he forced to fit into his guestbed): •  [the bed of Procrustes; procrustean] Theseus and Procrustes Once in Athens, Theseus sailed to Crete •  King Minos and the Minotaur (Minos/ bull) •  labyrinth < λαβύρινθος •  > English labyrinth, labyrinthine 3 12/3/13 Theseus and the Minotaur Clue / clew Ariadne’s thread ball of thread <ME clewe < OE cliwen Ariadne on Naxos (John William Waterhouse) Bacchus and Ariadne Ti9an (1488? ­1576) bacchanalia bacchanal bacchant / bacchante Wedding of Ariadne and Dionysus The End The minotaur in the labyrinth (drawing based on a Renaissance Italian carved gem) 4...
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