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Unformatted text preview: , 5 December, noon ­1 Monday, 9 December, 9 ­10 a.m. Tuesday, 10 December, 9 ­10 a.m. Thursday, 12 December, 1 ­5 p.m. Don’t forget that the Chat Room is always open. You can get great answers and guidance from other students, who may also want to join a study group. Rights Group Is Seeking Status of “Legal” Person” for Cap>ve Chimpanzee Greco ­Roman heroines and heroes (James Gorman, New York Times, Dec. 3, 2013) “Chimpanzees are not people, no maIer how they are dressed up for commercials, but perhaps they are close enough that they deserve some of the same rights humans have. “That is what an animal rights group claimed on Monday when it filed a classic writ of habeas corpus, that revered staple of American and English law and 9red cliché of detec9ve fic9on — not for a human being held unlawfully, but for Tommy, a chimpanzee in Gloversville, N.Y. …” “ Laurence H. Tribe, a professor at Harvard Law School,...
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