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Unformatted text preview: illette ownership and buy­in." Lifestyle, Travel, & Compensation Marakon consultants report a "very open and fun culture," where there is "a great focus on development; everyone takes an interest in your success, from your firm‐assigned coach, to your manager and partner, to more senior consultants and peers."21 Because of the limited locations, Marakon consultants may be required to travel more frequently (i.e. each office covers a large geographic area). However, Marakon maintains a Tuesday through Thursday travel model, which employees are particularly fond of22. Marakon has a 60‐hour workweek target, which is well enforced. Despite the relatively modest hours, self‐reported salary data from Vault.com suggests that Marakon’s compensation packages are competitive with the Big Three. Career Development Marakon is known for being a true meritocracy. However, the tight‐knit culture of the firm may be a double‐edged sword. Those that do not fit in as well as others may suffer stu...
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