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Unformatted text preview: n needs. 10 Forbes.com 11 Booz.com 4 Booz & Company has pioneered the use of “organizational DNA”, which is a process that prepares a client for changes and performance improvements. Organizational DNA presents a map of an organization’s ability to perform based on four components: decision making, information flow, executive and management motivation and internal structure. In support of this activity, Booz has developed an online tool, the Org DNA Profiler. Lifestyle, Travel, & Compensation Both Booz firms implement what is called a “5‐4‐3‐2‐1 policy.” This means working five days (weekends excluded), sleeping at least home four nights (usually Monday‐Thursday), spending a maximum of three nights away from home, participating in at least 2 projects a year, and being placed on no more than one project at once. While the 5‐4‐3‐2‐1 policy has been well received, Booz consultants still work long hours, usually between 60‐70. However, while they must work long hours, th...
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