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Unformatted text preview: ere is an element of flexibility about when those hours can be worked (partially as a result of the 5‐4‐3‐2‐1 program). According to Vault, insiders report that “the base compensation is in line with other consulting firms and above several other industries,” but that at the same time “the bonus policy is very weak,” and the “bonus (variable) is below consulting average.” 12 Career Development Booz & Company offers a clearly structured career path and rapid career advancement. New hires will spend one to three years at each level on their way through the ranks of Consultant, Senior Consultant, Associate, and Senior Associate. Principals are typically promoted to Partner after three to four years13. Consultant Associate Senior Associates Principle Figure 2 ­ Booz & Company Career Path Partner Summary After the Big Three, Booz & Company is comfortably the best of the rest. Advantages of this firm include a clear promotion path, a wide variety of work and clientele, and competitive base salary. Disadvantages include long work hours, lots of travel, and weak bonus com...
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