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Unformatted text preview: stige factor, top tier clients, and strong revenue growth (which roughly corresponds to business growth) over the last few years including 25% in 200710. In addition Bain consistently scores highest in the Big Three in quality of life and career development. Bain’s negatives include long hours, a fairly competitive workplace, and a fixed career timeline. Bain may be an attractive option to those who seek a fast‐growing top‐tier firm with a slightly more technical slant. Background In May 2008, the former Booz Allen Hamilton announced it would split its U.S. government business from the global commercial consulting business. The result was two firms, Booz Allen Hamilton, which retained the government business, and Booz & Company, which retained the commercial business. Booz & Company is now a separate management consultancy with 57 offices (in 25 countries), and employing over 3300 consultants. Booz provides a broad range of services in strategy, operations, organization and change, information technology,...
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