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Howeverthe timelinetomanagerandpartnerismorevariable

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Unformatted text preview: from two to six months, while private equity cases last from two to four weeks, on average.”9 Although revenue per consultant is about $380k, well below McKinsey ($780k) and BCG ($590k), compensation is still on par with the other members of the Big Three. Career Development Officially, there is no “up or out policy” at Bain. However, based on Vault.com discussion boards unofficially there is a pretty clear policy. Like Accenture, Bain lacks a true fast track, which may be frustrating for top performers, but at the same time career timelines are very clear. It takes 7 Forbes.com 8 Vault Guide to the Top 50 Management and Strategy Consulting Firms (2009) 9 Vault Guide to the Top 50 Management and Strategy Consulting Firms (2009) 3 approximately 3‐4 years to move from an Associate Consultant to a full Consultant. However, the timeline to Manager and Partner is more variable. Senior Associate Consultant Associate Consultant Case Team Leader Consultant Figure 1 ­ Bain & Company Career Path Manager Partner Summary Bain’s positives include a sterling reputation and pre...
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