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Unformatted text preview: nted career development. The size of the firm also means that promotions may be slower than at a bigger firm. Summary Marakon has always been a small firm with big clients and big mindshare within the consulting community. However, recently there have been reports that Marakon is facing significant struggles; some estimates place their 2007 per‐consultant income at below $100k (see Appendix). In addition over the last few years, two offices – San Francisco and Zurich – have been closed, further supporting the theory of a struggling firm. Marakon has also seen its Vault prestige‐ranking drop in the last 5 years, moving to outside the top 50 from a high position at #10. Still, for those looking for big firm clientele in a small firm environment, Marakon may present an attractive option. Background McKinsey & Company is widely considered to be the best and most prestigious management consulting firm, employing more than 8,500 consultants in 90 offices (in 51 countries). It’s position as the con...
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