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In addition oliver wyman espouses a truly

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Unformatted text preview: eled alumni network (19,000 members strong), and an enviable record of sending its consultants off to top positions at other companies. McKinsey alumni include 23 Vault.com 24 Personal interview 25 Vault Guide to the Top 50 Management and Strategy Consulting Firms (2009) 26 Personal interview 10 the chairman of Levi Strauss & Co., the CEO of Sun Microsystems, and the CEO of LEGO Group, among many others. Summary McKinsey is the undisputed industry leader in terms of prestige, revenues, and influence. Firm advantages include a superior knowledge management framework, top‐class compensation, and an unmatched alumni network. The disadvantages of working at McKinsey include grueling workloads, high attrition rates, and a high‐pressure environment. For those looking to use consulting as a springboard to a corporate career, McKinsey is the likely the best available option. Oliver Wyman, is one of the professional services companies under the Marsh & McLennan Companies (MMC) umbrella. It employs 2,900 consultants at more...
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