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Unformatted text preview: “bonus and perks are very healthy.” But perhaps the most eye‐catching compensation beyond the salary is the extensive set of perks including full medical, dental, and vision coverage, which according to a surveyed employee is “in the top 5 percent of all companies…”25 Career Development McKinsey has an up‐or‐out system, with as much as a 90% attrition rate from one stage to the next26. Provided one survives the various culls, McKinsey.com claims that successful consultants who join McKinsey early in their career can expect election to principal (the first stage of partnership) within five to seven years. High‐performing partners can expect to reach Director in a further 6‐7 years, though at this stage there is no forced attrition. Business Analyst Associate Engagement Manager Associate Principal Partner Figure 4 ­ McKinsey Career Path Director Despite the high attrition rate, even a short career at McKinsey is one of the best resume stamps around. McKinsey has an unparall...
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