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Unformatted text preview: fluential tool is the GE/McKinsey matrix, which extends the concept of the BCG matrix by supporting a 3‐level (as opposed to 2‐level) analysis of business units based on analyzing their respective strengths and attractiveness. In addition, McKinsey is known for producing works of business scholarship, and best‐selling books including the well‐respected McKinsey Quarterly, the firm’s business. McKinsey also maintains the Global Institute, an economics research arm that is responsible for much of the firms business scholarship work and additionally support consultants in challenging cases. Lifestyle, Travel, & Compensation McKinsey engagements typically span an intense eight to 12 weeks, during which workweeks are typically 60 to 70 hours. One first‐year surveyed by Vault.com stated, “For McKinsey, 11 hours a day is a pretty light day.”23 McKinsey does offer some options to its consultants in terms of maintaining a reasonable work‐life balance. Consultants can typically fix one, or perhaps two, of the key factors of location, project choice, and amount of travel24. McKinsey’s competitive salaries make up for the late nights. Recent hires identified initial offers as “very strong and comparable to other firms in the industry,” while experienced consultants note that the...
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