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Unformatted text preview: rition rate of about 15%6. Consistent failure to make promotion will result in a gentle nudge out of the firm. For those that do progress well, it is typical to advance a level every 2 to 3 years; an aggressive path with get one through 4 levels in about 12 to 13 years. Note, however, that there is no real fast track at Accenture and paying dues is just as important as merit in career progress. Summary Accenture is a giant in the consulting industry. From an employment perspective, its major positive is that it has a large, diverse, and steady stream of business around the world. In addition, it offers a challenging, but seemingly rewarding work environment. The negatives are that compensation is weak and that the sheer size of the outfit can mean that one can get “lost” along the way. Accenture may be a good option for those who prefer a slightly safer career in engineering (at the cost of an expedient rise to the top), but still want to enjoy working with top clients in a top firm. 4 Vault Guide to the...
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