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The bcg career path starts either at the

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Unformatted text preview: hat it takes to get the job done, but are also free to relax a bit when the pressure is off. That results in a lot variation in work hours, sometimes as much as 40 hours one week to 80 hours the next. This is not atypical of “brains” firms that get challenging, unorthodox cases. The amount of travel at BCG offices varies by location. Some offices, like Dubai, have enough work locally to require minimal long‐term travel. Other offices, like Washington D.C., are very travel intensive15. One unique feature of BCG life is its Ambassador program, which allows employees at the level of Consultant or above to go on an extended visit (e.g. 2 years) to another office. International employees often utilize this program to get some case experience inside the United States. However, the firm also uses the program to direct resources to new or understaffed offices. The Dubai office, for example, is heavily dependent on visiting employees and also on the conversion of some of these employees to permanent...
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