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The merger had an aim of bridging the gap

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Unformatted text preview: o on site for deliverables (i.e., final presentations or workshops).” 19 To make up for the long hours, L.E.K. offers above‐ 18 lek.com 19 Vault Guide to the Top 50 Management and Strategy Consulting Firms (2009) 7 average compensation with significant bonuses twice a year, and profit sharing based on total firm performance. One long‐term employee notes “L.E.K. pays higher than other consulting firms the longer you stay.” Career Development L.E.K. is known for promoting strong performers. Typically, promotions occur after about two years at a given level. Uniquely, L.E.K. does not have an “up‐or‐out” culture, and it is possible for one to stay a consultant indefinitely and not advance to manager if that is undesirable or unachievable for whatever reason. Summary L.E.K. is a rapidly growing mid‐size firm that competes well with the giants of the industry. Its advantages include strong compensation packages, a lack of an up‐or‐out culture, and a choice of offices worldwide. Its disadvantages include long hours and a relative lack of name recognition. L.E.K. may be a goo...
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