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The sheer size of the firm enables it to tackle large

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Unformatted text preview: firms, Accenture’s wide range of services enables it to provide end‐to‐end solutions for customers in several areas, especially IT and operations. The sheer size of the firm enables it to tackle large implementation projects like the 5‐year, $80 million dollar defense enterprise accounting and management system (DEAMS) contract. Accenture client engagement teams typically include industry experts (from the appropriate operating group), capability spets (versed in the appropriate service platform) and consultants with knowledge of the local market. Lifestyle, Travel, & Compensation Accenture prides itself on working at the client’s site, and subsequently requires its consultants to do a lot of travelling. According to insiders, consultants normally work a “typical 5‐4‐3” consulting schedule (“five work days, four at the client site, with three nights out of town during the week”)4. However, the sheer size of the organization means that teams can always be restructured, and travel schedules can be altered if necessary. Generally,...
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