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Unformatted text preview: d choice for those who want a career in consulting without being forced into a management position, and are looking for a strong compensation package outside the Big Three. Background Marakon Associates is a small management consultancy with 3 offices (in 2 countries), and employing over 300 consultants. Despite its small size, the firm is known for punching above its weight and typically works for Fortune 500 corporations and other high‐profile organizations. Marakon’s focus is on Strategy, Execution, Organic Growth, Growth Through Acquisition, Productivity, Risk Management, Leadership & Organization, and Managing for Value. In January 2007 the firm announced its merger with financial advisory firm Integrated Finance Limited to form a new company, Trinsum Group. The merger had an aim of bridging the gap between management consulting and investment banking. To date the success of the merger is in doubt. However, Marakon continues to operate under its own name as the strategy consulting arm of the business. Capabilities & Tools Marakon...
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