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Unformatted text preview: focuses on highly‐customized approaches that maximize client value (as opposed to simply solving a self‐contained problem). Marakon also developed the concept of value‐based management (VBM), which describes the alignment of corporate decision‐making process, both strategic and operational, with the corporate purpose20. Specifically, VBM is designed to focus resource allocation (i.e. capital investment or executive compensation) to maximize shareholder or stakeholder value. VBM views executive team engagement as a key component in aligning strategy, execution, and flexibility in the minds of a dynamic environment. James M. Kilts, former CEO of 20 Marakon.com 8 Gillette said of the firm: "Marakon is different from other top­tier consultancies. They brought their general management perspective and expertise as an important team member working on our financial and business turnaround. Their customized approach, team orientation and the clarity of their recommended strategies ensured G...
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