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With revenues per consultant of only about 187k one

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Unformatted text preview: Accenture employees claim that the firm has a strong work/life balance. Although very large, the company seems to informally break itself down into smaller units of about 100 professionals, which more closely matches the average office size for other top tier firms. With revenues per consultant of only about $187k, one would expect salaries at Accenture to be lower than those at other top tier firms (see Appendix). Anecdotes from employees on Vault.com seem to corroborate this notion, with employees particularly bemoaning the small bonuses calling them “way out of line compared to other firms”. In addition, consultants work long hours similar to those at other top‐ranked firms and have a very high utilization rate (84%)5. However, Accenture’s overtime policy (after 48 hours) and strong benefits package offset the long hours and relatively low salaries to some extent. Career Development Accenture has been described as having a “move up or move on” policy, with a self‐reported annualized att...
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