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Unformatted text preview: ying over 186000 employees, 75,000 of which are “professional” (i.e. consultants of some sort). Accenture’s clients are amongst the biggest and the best, including major multinational enterprises, midsized businesses, and government agencies. Moreover, the firm’s status as a public company is unique amongst the firms covered in this paper. Accenture is organized by the service provided and client type as follows along three major competencies: management consulting, systems integration and technology, and outsourcing. These competencies form the basis of five operating groups: communications and high tech, financial services, products, public service and resources2. Of Accenture’s $23.4 billion in revenue in 2008, approximately 40% was derived from outsourcing while 60% was derived from consulting activities3. 1 http://biz.yahoo.com/ic/43/43516.html 2 Accenture.com 3 Vault Guide to the Top 50 Management and Strategy Consulting Firms (2009) Capabilities & Tools Unlike pure consulting...
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