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Notes on Malinowski

Notes on Malinowski - Nigel Chou CA94 Week 4 Notes...

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Nigel Chou CA94 Week 4 Notes Professor Litzinger Malinowski: the Functions of Culture Legacy Fieldwork : His greatest legacy was in this area. There is almost unanimous opinion that he set new standards for ethnographic research and influenced a generation of anthropologists. He learned to understand the subjective experience of another culture by immersing himself in it through ethnographic research. Theories: mixed reactions: some considered his concept of culture a ‘stimulating contribution’, others considered them too general, abstract or pretentious. His contribution to anthropological theory was debated during his lifetime, and remains controversial. Life and interests Born in Krakow, Poland in 1884 to aristocracy and raised among intellectuals. His initial interest was in physics and mathematics, then turned to the study of sociology and anthropology. He was influenced by the Torres Strait expedition and its systematic field research methods. Later, while based in Australia, made his own trips to New Guinea: to Mailu and Toulon Island (Sept 1914 - March 1915 ), twice to the Trobriand islands (June 1915 – May 1916 & Oct 1917 – Oct 1918 ).
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