Magnitude q1 q2 k 9x109 nm2c2 fk 2 r direction along

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Unformatted text preview: pherical object with free charges Spherical object is polarized when a charged rod is brought near it Negative charges are depleted by grounding Spherical object is isolated from ground Spherical object is left positively charged January 22, 2014 Physics 104, Spring 2014 15 Force on charges: Coulomb’s Law •  Coulomb’s law gives quantitative description of the electrical force between charged particles •  Unit of charge is called a Coulomb •  Gives the magnitude and the direction of the force between charges q1 and q2 separated by a distance r. •  Magnitude: q1 q2 k = 9x109 Nm2/C2 F=k 2 r •  direction: along the line joining the charges •  Like charges repel, unlike charges attract January 22, 2014 Physics 104, Spring 2014 16 Example Force on electron in Hydrogen atom Qp=1.6x10-19 C + F Qe = -1.6x10-19 C - r = 1x10-10 m F = (9x109)(1.6x10-19)(1.6x10-19)/(10-10)2 N = 2.3x10-8 N (to the left) January 22, 2014 Physics 104, Spring 2014 17 Once you know the force…. •  Laws of mechanics (recall 103) describe the subsequent motion of charged...
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