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Unformatted text preview: experiment with it (labs)   ~4 hours –  challenge yourself (homework)   ~2 hours –  close the loop (office hours, reading) We present several opportunities and formats in which you can learn physics. Please make the best use of our contact hours, capitalizing on the format that works best for you. You will do the learning. We don’t “teach” - rather we can only help you learn. January 22, 2014 Physics 104, Spring 2014 5 •  Come prepared Lectures –  Read material assigned from text (see syllabus) •  Lecture itself includes –  Mostly Concepts –  Demos –  Interactive problem solving (questions during lecture) •  Collaborate with your colleagues everywhere except in exams –  DO NOT expect to learn by passively sitting and listening in the lecture - please participate – ask questions! –  Lectures are NOT complete - homework, discussions and labs are needed to complete learning in this course –  Lecture slides are placed on the web after lecture •  No need for profuse note-taking! Participation: you learn by doing! January 22, 2014 Physics 104, Spring 2014 6 Discussion and Lab Discussion – about 10% of grade (via the weekly quiz) –  Work Problems -- collaboratively in groups & with TA •  Tuesday, Thursday •  You can consult your book, your friends in class, your TA –  Discussion sections are mandatory •  There is no way to makeup a discussion session Labs – about 10% of grade (via the weekly quiz) –  Also led by your TA –  Work in groups o...
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