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Unformatted text preview: f 3 –  Complete the pre-lab questions before attending (TA will check) –  Labs are mandatory (receive no lab question quiz credit w/o attending) •  Must do at least 8 of 10 labs in order to pass this course •  Make up missed labs during week of lab or next midterm exam week –  Requires TA consent (given for documented emergency or academic conflict) January 22, 2014 Physics 104, Spring 2014 7 Exams, Quizzes & Homework •  Exams (70% of course grade: 3x15+ 25) –  Multiple Choice, Bring a formula sheet –  YOU MUST CONTACT PROF. SMITH BEFORE JAN. 31 IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND ALL EXAMS (i.e. have a course that meets or has exams on 5:45-7:00 PM, Thurs., Feb. 20, Mar. 27 or Apr. 24 or conflicts with the final at 7:45-9:45 AM on Sunday, May 11.) –  There are no make-up exams. –  Take the practice exams under time constraint with your formula sheet •  Homework ( 10% of grade via weekly quiz) –  Important for learning, maybe most important! –  Problems selected from text – list on [email protected] •  Weekly Quizzes (30% of course grade) –  Available Thursday 6 PM, due by Monday 10 AM: contains questions on HWs, Labs, Discussions (3 hours allowed) January 22, 2014 Physics 104, Spring 2014 8 Begin! •  •  •  •  Concept of charge* Unit of charge ( C )* Coulomb’s Law* Methods for separating charges (friction, conduction, and induction) •  Electric field •  Flux & Gauss’ Law (next lecture) *covered in discussion yesterday January 22, 2014 Physics 104, Spring 201...
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