120910 Oncology 401 Lecture 3

21 expanding cascade of gene e xpreschanges

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Unformatted text preview: ding cascade of gene e xpreschanges associated with transitions between sion changes associat ed with tr ansitions normal cervix, early precancerous lesions bet ween nor mal cer vix, early precancerous CIN1/2, late CIN3 lesions, and malignant lesions CIN1/2, lat e CIN3 lesions, and malig cervicalccancer.cancer. nant ervical A ER- Cer vical Cancer (common) ER p16 Normal CIN1/2 CIN3 Cancer Fig. 2.2 - Inverse relationship bet ween mRNA levels for CC proliferation mar ker p16 (blue, increasing) and estrogen recept or (ER, r ed, declining) dur ing progression from normal cervix t o early precancerous lesions CIN1/2 , lat e CIN3 lesions, and malig nant cervical cancer. B ER+ Cervical Canc...
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