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1998 moreover fancd2 colocalizes results notably

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Unformatted text preview: x FANCD2-Ub connects the caused by replication blocks other than ICLs with uncharacterBRCA and RAD51 proteins to replisome components to stabilize ized implications for tumorigenesis (Howlett et al., 2005; Lanstalled forks and prevent fork collapse (Figure 6). This protection gevin et al., 2011; Naim and Rosselli, 2009; Rosado et al. mechanism provides a functional explanation for the observa2011). Here the discovery of a role for FANCD2-Ub in preventing tions that upon replication stalling both BRCA1 and BRCA2 degradation of nascent DNA strands containing PCNA (Chen rapidly relocalize to replication foci in vivo independent of ICL processing complements and extends existing with PCNA and et al., 1998). Moreover, FANCD2 colocalizes results. Notably FANCD2-Ub functions epistatically (Hussain et al., 2004 and RAD51 to foci in response to HU with RAD51 at stalled )forks within this distinct pathway, as does BRCA2, which provides FANCD2 is found localized to sister chromatids upon replication a more complete...
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