Oncology 401 Lecture 14 2013

2011 wang et al 2004 and specialized polymerases

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Unformatted text preview: understanding of how these proteins maintain stress (Naim and Rosselli, 2009). It recently was reported that an replication fork fidelity in the context of ICL and synthesis FA component stabilizes a specialized translesionother DNA stresses. (TLS) DNA polymerase at nuclear foci upon DNA damage (Kim et FANCD2).monoubiquitination involves an interaction with the al., 2012 Thus, given the data and model presented here, it replisome component proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA will be interesting to see if this polymerase stabilizing function (Howlett et al., for other DNA polymerases and in particular noncould hold true 2009). Because BRCA2/RAD51 functionally interacts with FANCD2 (Long et al., 2011 Wang et al., 2004) and specialized polymerases, because TLS; polymerases are unlikely BRCA2/RAD51 alone is insufficient for without eliciting DNA to be involved when replication is stalledfork protection in the absence of as by HU. lesions suchFANCD2-Ub, a testable mechanistic model is tha asOther FA a proteinm...
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