Of fancd2i is a cri7cal step in the pathway because

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Unformatted text preview: ity and the anogenital tract Fanconi Anemia (FA) pathway 8 FA core complex proteins Fanc A, , C, E, F, G, M At least 13 proteins areBdiscovered , and composing FA pathway and L When one of these proteins losses its function, ID ctomplex the disease 2 i can cause proteins FancI and FancD2 3 Downstream Effectors FancD1, J, and N Model of Fanconi Anemia pathway FA core complex proteins ID complex proteins Downstream Effectors A DNA repair system Rela7ve proteins C M G B F L Ub Ub D2 I E Stalled replica7on Fork at DNA crosslink Mono- ubiqui7na7on of FancD2/I is a cri7cal step in the pathway Because of the exquisite sensitivity of FA genes to ICL lesions most studies thus far have focused on their role in ICL repair Yet, the FA machinery prevents genome instability and lethality caused by replication blocks other than ICLs with uncharacterized impl...
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