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Px and q x are polynomials and q x 6 0 a vertical

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Unformatted text preview: 0. A vertical asymptote is a vertical line x = a where q (a) = 0 and p(a) 6= 0. approx equation is r(x)= 1/ x-2 (if you but in something just a bit bigger then two you should get a huge shooting up number) Patrick Newberry Polynomial and Rational Functions October 1, 2012 9 / 17 *if top and bottom are both zero we don't necessarily have an asymptotes * vertical asymptotes are equations -> x=? Rational Functions Definitions A horizontal asymptote is a horizontal line to which the graph of the function get arbitrarily close to as x gets arbitrarily large, or becomes an arbitrarily large negative. Patrick Newberry Polynomial and Rational Functi...
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