A true mrs slope of indifference curve mrts slope of

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Unformatted text preview: firm's MRTSlk is how much less capital the firm would need to use, holding output constant, if it increased its use of labor by 1 unit. A) True MRS= slope of indifference curve MRTS= slope of isoquant B) False if labor and capital were MRTS= how much of the first unit you have to give up to get another of the second switched it would be 67. Low-skilled workers, most poor, likely want to work more than they can at their true equilibrium wage. A) True B) False 68. Imagine a world where everyone has to pay for their own medical care. Suppose that smoking cigarettes creates no negative or positive external effects, but, as is well known, causes a lot of smokers to get lung cancer. If the government does not interfere in the cigarette market, then________. A) The market equilibrium quantity of cigarettes smoked will be greater than the socially efficient number. B) There is not enough information to answer the question. C) The market equilibrium quantity of cigarettes smoked will be the efficient num...
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