With respect to the allocation of public goods the

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Unformatted text preview: the same amount, it is less A) True efficient firms will produce more that they should B) False 38. With respect to the allocation of public goods the market fails A) True B) False Version 1 Page 8 39. "Competitive markets achieve efficiency." Choose the answer that is both correct and most informative. A) The statement is too strong. Competitive markets are often efficient, but there are significant exceptions. B) This statement is true and is the foundation for our belief in the supremacy of the a market economy definition of competitive market C) Economics professors often say this. D) This statement is false. 40. When production in a society is efficient, it is still often possible to make some members of society better off, without making any other members worse off. A) True B) False 41. Willy can only produce apples and carrots. Willy's production-possibilities frontier can be represented with the function C=20-3A where C is the number of carrots he produces and A is the number of apples he produces. For Willy, the opportunity cost of producing a carrot is ___ and the opportunity cost of producing an apple is ___ slope= opp cost A) 1/3 apple, 3 carrots 20 slope= rise/ run B) 3 apples, 3 carrots C) 1 carrot, 2 apples y...
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