January 18 2012: British North America Act 1867

Charter of rights and freedoms patrition long road

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Unformatted text preview: es contemplated, but not many other changes – left to 1982 Constitution act, 1982  ­Need for an amending formula  ­Ca, 1867 was still a statute of the British Parliament.  Charter of rights and freedoms.  ­Patrition  ­ ­ ­ long road. Patriation  ­Federal unilateralism  ­Gang of eight  ­Supreme court – substantial consent of provinces  ­Kitchen accord – negotiations between premiers  constitution act of 1982.  ­Quebec didn’t sign  ­Three pillars of the constitution 1. Parliament and resp gov (Preamble) 2. Federalism (91 and 92) 3. Rights (Charter) January 23 2012 Chretien constitution change  ­No mega ­constitutional deals  ­Lending of federal veto  ­Parliament recognition distinction society  ­Social Union framework agreement Harper and the constitution  ­Non ­constitutional constitutional change  ­Senate and house changes  ­Quebecois “a nation within Canada” motion Canada...
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